Welcome to the Minooh privacy policy. You get +100 karma points just for clicking it.

If you don’t agree with our privacy policy then it’s probably best that we part ways now as we ask you to not use our website. But don’t worry, we don’t engage in any shady stuff. We fully respect your privacy and hate spam as much as the next person.

What personal information do we collect?

By simply browsing our website we collect no personal information. However, if you get in touch then we require your name, email address, some details about your website and if you wish to give it to us your phone number.

If your wise enough to become a Minooh customer then we also collect more details about your website and environment which you choose to give us. Of course, if we don’t have that information it might make things a little more tricky.

How we use your details

We will only use your details to provide you with the services you request. We will not sell or otherwise pass on your details to any other party.

You will only receive marketing related emails if you opt in and you may choose to opt out at any time.

Cookies (num num) and analytics

We use Google Analytics to track website usage. No personally identifiable information is gathered. We use this information to analyse how people use our site, what they like, don’t like and a very rough geographic location. This helps us make sure our site is awesome to use and remove all the junk.

If you don’t like being tracked by us (or anyone for that) then we recommend you install an ad-blocker or privacy guard. We highly recommend uBlock Origin on the desktop and 1BlockerX on the mobiles.

The information we capture includes:

  • Your IP or proxy server IP
  • Basic domain information
  • Your Internet service provider is sometimes captured depending on the configuration of your ISP connection
  • The date and time of your visit to the website
  • The length of your session
  • The pages which you have accessed
  • The number of times you access our site within any month
  • The size of file you look at
  • The website which referred you to our Sites
  • The operating system which your computer uses

How we store your information

All details are stored encrypted with only Minooh holding the decryption keys.

Emails are stored using Gmail.

Accessing your information

From the moment you enquire you can access your account to view all the information we hold on you. To request access to your information just email us at [email protected]

Your right to be forgotten

You may request to be erased from our systems providing we have no active services in place. So dont go requesting to be deleted if we have yet to film your wedding. It makes things tricky. If you do request to be erased we will anonamize your data so we may still track how you found us but all details such as name and email will be removed.

When we may disclose your information

In some situations we may need to share your information. These include:

  • Companies related to Minooh
  • Employees and contractors who require information to complete the asigned job
  • Professional advisers such as lawyers and accountants
  • The police or other official when requested to do so by law (don’t do illegal stuff and this one won’t be a problem)

How to contact us

For the normal folk, email us: [email protected]
Keeping it old school then write us a letter and stick a stamp on it to: 9 Merlin Grove, Northampton, NN4 0QH

If you think we’re complying with the law then be sure to let us know.

You did it, you reached the end! High five ?️ and that’s another +100 karma points ?.

Minooh privacy policy v1.0 updated 23st May 2018