Who we are

We are Julie and Danny. A husband and wife super team.

Danny is the technical one having worked in the IT industry for over 12 years for customers such as Barclaycard and G4S. It’s his job to make sure your website is in tip top condition with everything it needs to appease the Google gods.

Julie is the wordsmith. She used to write speeches for MP’s and could often be found wandering the halls at the Palace of Westminster. She’s the one who will craft those beautiful blog posts and pages which will help you move up the rankings.

Why choose us

We know what it takes to rank in the search engines such as Google and Bing and along the way have learnt what SEO is true and what is just an old wives tale (like the fact that the meta description isn’t actually a ranking factor).

We also know what it takes to make it in the wedding world as we also run a wedding film studio called Minty Slippers. This gives us a truly intimate knowledge of this industry unlike any other.

Our experience

Wedding Industry Knowledge

About the Team

Danny profile

Danny O'Neill

co-founder, techie, geek

I’m the one who will make your site nice and secure with HTTPS or look lovely on a mobile phone.

Danny O'Neill successfully completed the Site structure course!

Julie profile

Julie O'Neill

copywriter, business

I’m the one who writes the fancy words and can help you with your business.

Julie O'Neill successfully completed the SEO Copywriting course!