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Minooh! is what we shout when we get a small business like yours to appear on the illustrious page one of Google… And that happens a lot.

For small businesses, we can help your website get found by using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and CRO (Click Rate Optimisation). We can do lots of other cool stuff too.

Also, we know a lot about small businesses and the wedding industry,  as we currently run another business as wedding videographers which we have done for the last 10 years.

What ever your small business does, we can help people find you, and keep finding you by using SEO.

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"Help! I'm stuck on page 2 (or worse)."

It’s quite common to find yourself falling off page 1, or never reaching it. You’ve done everything you’ve read about. You have a dozen pages all targeting certain words, yet you can’t get past a certain position on google.

The chances are some of your techniques might be a little out of date. You may be using some words keywords too much. Or, are your words descriptive enough? You could be suffering from keyword cannibalization – this is where you have too many pages all trying to rank for the same phrase. There are lots of places to stumble when it comes to finding the right words to describe your business to your customer and to Google.

Don’t worry. We can help. To make a start on getting you found, it’s a great idea to have one of our fantastic website (SEO) audits which covers over 200 checks on your site to see what your doing well and what can be improved.

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"My site looks better than a competitor but they are ranking higher."

It’s almost like Google doesnt care about how great your site looks. Well, to some degree they dont. What search engines like is text and carefully crafted, well written text.

With our competitor analysis service we can see just why your competitors are ranking higher than you and create an action plan to steal their top spot.

We can make sure you are targeting the right keywords and if the ones you are targeting are even worth your time.

Find out more about our SEO service.

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"How can I find out where I actually rank in google?"

You may think you know where you rank on the various search engines but the truth is often very different. Google loves to deliver relevant results, but recently, it’s all about personalised results based on your location (or approximate location). Google works out where you are in the world, and gives you local results above everything else. Your business address really makes a difference to what results your customers see.

If you’re not sure where your being found, our rank tracking service has the tools needed to give you a true idea where you rank for your keywords from different locations and search engines. We can even show you how you rank on a desktop search vs mobile.

Our most popular customer choice by far is our monthly monitoring package. This option can keep you in front of where your website ranks in google, and if you drop, or dip, we’ll be in touch to tell you.

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"I have a website but have no idea how to get found in Google."

So you have a shiny new website – hurrah! But how can you reach your customers? Have you set it up correctly? Are you monitoring anything to see if you are even being found? Search engines are super clever these days and the chances are you are already being listed in Google and Bing (among others), but probably not being found by your customers.

The way to get found in Google isn’t just one thing. It’s the sum of the parts, eventually adding up to a great position. Keywords, backlinks, great words – are all factors to consider. Honestly, you just need someone who knows what they are doing for a few months. After that, it’s just about making sure you continue to stay at the top.

It’s very easy to feel intimidated by all the technical terms, and we can really break this down for you to make it easy to understand what you need to do to get found.

However, if you do want to get technical, we can help you setup your Google search console or Bing Webmaster tools to make sure everything is just right. Or we can keep an eye on this stuff for you. Have a look at our monthly monitoring packages to find out more.

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